Mobility and trade are the foundations of our civilization. Transport creates and defines our lifestyles. The rapid pace of technology is driving a shift in our future vision of mobility networks and all related spaces. As our means of transport have changed and evolved over the centuries, so have the ‘pit stops’ we take along the way. How have these altered during the transition from horses to vehicles and how will these evolve with the advent of electric cars and new sustainable transport? With electric cars becoming more and more popular, an opportunity arises due to the prolonged dwell time needed for battery recharging. So what do we do with this new ‘lifestyle pause’ and how do service stations respond to it? At a city scale, how do our current refill nodes evolve and deal with change and redundancy? How will they affect the wider urban tissue? At a nodal scale, what is the new architecture and placemaking side of the future ‘petrol station’? What do these new ‘rest and recharge’ points look like?

The John Malyan Award

The John Malyan award commemorates the life and achievements of our founding partner and celebrates John’s commitment to nurturing and developing talent across the practice and beyond. John was instrumental in guiding the careers of many colleagues, including myself, and this year’s competition theme was particularly apt owing to John’s lifelong love for vintage cars. 

To once again be part of the judging panel was a fantastic honour and I never cease to be impressed with the compelling ideas, creative thinking and excellent visual and oral presentations. 

My heartfelt thanks to all 19 colleagues from across the global practice who entered this year’s competition and congratulations again to Henrique. 

Stuart Rough, Group Chairman, Broadway Malyan