Plan Vélo

Plan Vélo centres around one future reality, with two methods of arriving there. The first is hopeful, and assumes that we as an intelligent society will soon come to our senses, in an awe-inspiring act of global fellowship we will cast aside the space-consuming car and its filthy fuel for the good of all mankind, present and future. The second and much more likely scenario is that we will simply run out of petrol in a few decades, leaving us no choice but to accept this project’s conceptual outline as humanity’s only solution. 

When this happens, the 8,407 petrol stations across the UK will be made redundant. Roads will need redesigning. This is space that can be re-allocated democratically. This project will focus on cities, since revolutions occur here first, then filter outwards, using the bicycle as a vehicle for social change.

Olly Ridgley, Birmingham