Skyy Stop

A complex blend of current transportation issues, population growth and existing transportation infrastructure is contributing to the ever growing problem of cities becoming more congested and the increase of traffic in our daily commute.

This congestion will also directly affect the means of refueling your vehicle at refueling stations. The core problem is relying on vehicles, public transport or other ground orientated mediums to get around. The most logical solution is to move away from ground based vehicles and look elsewhere for your means of transport. Urban air mobility. Air traveling vehicles similar to helicopters but much more compact, agile,Affordable and runs on electricity. There are a variety of prototypes being developed that will transport you between locations without getting stuck in traffic.

Urban air vehicles will need recharge solutions, similar to the current refuelling station. These recharging hubs could also provide added layers of activities to enhance the experience.

Pieter Muller, Abu Dhabi