The Oasis

It starts by acknowledging the role of Oasis Towns in the formation of service stops along the Silk Road and how the creation of microclimates is still highly relevant for Human liveability today. 

The shift from gas to electricity as car fuel could help saving service stations from going extinct in urban areas (developers are buying them to build more profitable buildings) and using that as a pretext to create additional microclimates could potentially benefit average citizens, investors and politicians alike. Carrying on that line of thought, a design concept is proposed in order to generate an “oasis effect” (existence of a local microclimate that is cooler than its surroundings) in one of the last service stations still remaining in Manhattan.

The proposed “oasis effect” for the future electrical vehicle service station (ev-station) typology could potentially spread to the rest of the world and be adapted to distinct local circumstances.

Henrique Matiz, Lisbon