The following proposal explores a near future reality where an inclusive and sustainable mode of transport is offered as a viable alternative to the automobile - the bicycle. The design of the bicycle has stood the test of time and with the advent of improved battery technology, e-bikes may be potentially more relevant than ever before.

The age old maxim ‘Build it and they will come’ is particularly pertinent to the discussion surrounding bicycle infrastructure. If the huge potential benefits of cycling are to be unlocked, then well considered investment and design will be needed, the simpler the better. In order to do this, more than just cycle routes will need to be created.

It is proposed to promote the use of cycling and E-bikes as a daily active mode of transport by creating centralised cycle hubs. This will be done through the re-use and re-balancing of existing built environment infrastructure. The hubs will become a commuter ‘Pit Stop’ for cyclists. 

Chris Grey, Manchester