Listed below are the actions required to execute the masterplan for VISION in Reading. The proposal seeks to reduce emissions, reduce pressure on Reading town centre and create more destinations within Reading’s suburbs. 

  • Scale up ‘Pit Stops’ to meet growing population demand and increased charging time 
  • Replace all petrol and diesel cars on the road for electric cars 
  • Ban all cars from the city centre to maximise public transport potential 
  • Build ‘Park, Ride & Charge’ structures around the city centre 
  • Replace all existing car parks in the town centre with commercial and residential buildings 
  • Maximise use of renewable energy in both new and refurbished buildings 
  • Locate new ‘Volt Stations’ on existing allotment sites, sports centres and parking areas 
  • Shift shopping and leisure from the town centre to suburban areas 
  • Convert empty high street units into live / work spaces 
  • Shift physical shopping to online shopping with more Amazon warehouses to outskirts 
  • Introduce drone delivery network to reduce emissions and delivery vehicles on the road 

Simon Woodhouse